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Get Cheap Travel Deals

By: Gloria1 Baker1

The demand of the cheap vacation packages have increased significantly these days. Financial crisis of vacationers and hike in the expenses for vacationing have made people search for the cheap deals. The experts have observed this and recommended some excellent travel tips for people who want to enjoy their vacation. Experts have recommended to visit places at the off peak times. The number of travelers are low in the off peak times. This will help a person get accommodation as well as other services at a reduced rate.

For several good reasons, planning your travel during off peak season can be ideal if you’re searching for cheap vacations. You might save a little on airfare for your vacation and there should be savings as well on hotel rentals. In off peak times, you could very likely get the room of your choice with little to no trouble at all. Many hotels offer big discounts in off peak times to attract more customers. You can take advantage of these offers and discounts to make the best use of your money. If you search carefully you might even find hotels with discounts up to three quarters off the peak season price.

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If you want to find real budget vacations, consider visiting a location after a disaster. Many areas that may have been affected by a natural disaster will often create several offers to attract tourist to generate income for the area. Many top rated hotels may also advertise attractive offers and discounts to attract guests and this in turn starts the entire vacation area onto recovery. This can mean that you and your family could experience some the most luxurious facilities at an incredibly affordable rate.

There are certain things which you may want to consider when searching for vacation specials. While planning your vacation, the first thing which you may want to decide is the amount of time that you have to spend on your vacation. You should search the internet to find the best deal for the number of days that you want to spend on your vacation. These days some people hesitate to plan a vacation because of a tight budget. You can find relief from everyday stress and find dozens of vacation choices including cheap cruises even on a tight budget. You don’t have to search far for vacation packages and cheap cruises under $500 per person.

You can find great family vacation specials all over the internet. It is recommended to check the offers and accept the offer which suits you and your family best. After you have planned everything, you should pack all the basic supplies that you will need for your vacation. This will help you save unnecessary spending while away on your holiday.

Finally, when planning your vacation you should gather as much information as you can about the place that you want to visit. You should inquire about the restaurants and places of tourist attractions in that location

You can also check the night life of that particular location if you think you may want some excitement in the evenings. You might also enquire about the hotel in which you plan to stay during the vacation. There are several travel deals on the internet but you should take advantage of the offer only after checking its authenticity.

Yes, you can find and plan great cheap vacations, cruises, tours, and more. Whether a single, couple, family, or group, start planning your next budget vacation now and have a great time!

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Ski Resorts In New Zealand

Author: ChrisChew

When you think of New Zealand, your mind will conjure up an image of a beautiful country, blessed with one of the most spectacular and awesome landscape in the world. With its towering snow capped mountain ranges and international standard ski resorts, New Zealand is a very popular destination for ski vacations.

The country is an island nation is tucked somewhere in the southwest corner of the Pacific Rim next to Australia and is made up of a myriad of islands. However, there are two main island land mass. The land mass are the North Island and South Island with the Cook Strait separating them apart.

During the winter, the 24 skiing resorts and 12 heli-ski operators offer some of the best skiing holidays you can find anywhere. The skiing and snowboarding season starts from June till October. Yes, New Zealand's winter is in the middle of the year as the country is in the southern hemisphere. This is the time when multitudes of skiing enthusiasts from Japan, North America and Europe assemble in New Zealand to enjoy their skiing adventure.

Let's take a look at some of New Zealand's beautiful ski resorts :

Treble Cone - Treble Cone ski resort is the heart of the country's Southern Alps. This resort offer spectacular view on the beautiful lakeside town of Wanaka. Treble Cone have very reliable and stable snow falls and excellent weather making it one of the most popular ski resorts in New Zealand. Major improvement works done to the skiing trails were done in 2006 and it now have three super highways for both the novice and seasoned skiers.

Treble Cone is approximately 550 ha big making it the largest ski resort in the New Zealand's South Island. It also has the highest vertical drop on the island at an exhilarating 700 meters or approximately 2,300 feet.

Mount Ruapehu - This skiing location is actually a huge awesome volcano and is the location of two of New Zealand's largest ski resorts, The Whakapapa and Turoa. Its 1800 hectares of skiing terrain is undulating and breathtaking. Mount Ruapehu is a world class skiing resort with excellent facilities.

Mount Hutt - Mount Hutt is just slightly more than an hour's drive across the beautiful Canterbury Plains from Christchurch or a half an hour drive from Methven. The resort is high up in New Zealand's Southern Alps.

At Mount Hutt's sixth summit, chairlifts provide access to a wide variety of skiing trails and the novice skier's area is serviced by a dedicated quad chair. With a 150m (almost 500 feet) long Magic Carpet leading into the skiing area for beginners, Mount Hutt have some of the best skiing facilities in the New Zealand. This skiing resort has a wonderful mix of terrain for skiers of every level.

These are just some of the many skiing resorts in New Zealand. If you are looking for fabulous ski resorts for your vacation, why not try New Zealand ski resorts for a skiing adventure of a lifetime?

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Walt Disney World Accommodation

Autor: ChrisChew

It is interesting to note that every Disney World theme park have its own special personality and character. Disney World's objective is not only to entertain their visitors and tourists but also make their stay and accommodation at Disney World as pleasant as possible so that these visitors will return for more visits as well as spreading by word of mouth about their wonderful Disney World vacations. Disney World understands that word of mouth advertisemnents from happy visitors is the best advertisement and it is free.

It is for this intent and purpose that Walt Disney World now has about twenty themed vacation resorts catering to all types of guests catering their accommodation preferences as well as for different traveling budgets.

Disney World resorts are roughly divided into 5 accommodation categories. They are the deluxe class, moderate resorts, value budget types, vacation resorts, and cabins/campgrounds in the wilderness for the more adventurous visitors.

There are about ten Deluxe Disney resorts in Disney World such as those in The Animal Kingdom Lodge, Beach Club Resort, The Contemporary Resort, The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, The Polynesian Resort, Boardwalk Inn, The Wilderness Lodge, and Yacht Club Resort? There are also 2 deluxe class hotels such as Walt Disney World Swan and Walt Disney World Dolphin, however these hotels are not owned by Disney World.

Although some Disney resorts are rated as "moderate class", they are still far more luxurious than a ordinary hotel accommodation. Rooms in these so called moderate class resorts are very comfortable and spacious. These accomodations come with themed pools and hot tubs and full-service restaurants. The Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Port Orleans Riverside Resort and Port Orleans French Quarter are the moderate Walt Disney World Resorts.

Disney World's so called value resorts offer value for money as being very affordable. These resort accommodations are built for families on smaller budgets but are also often used by tour companies for tourists traveling together in groups. Although the amenities can be considered as basic, all budget value resorts have themed swimming pools and inexpensive food courts. Accommodation at Disney value budget resorts can go as low as $80 per night. Imagine that!

These resorts are like service apartments where guests are provided with extra facilities and amenities such as a kitchen, multiple bedrooms and even valet parking thrown in. Prices can range from about $200 per night to more than $1,000 per night during peak holiday season. If you have money to burn, then you may wish to stay at The Beach Club Villas, Boardwalk Villas, Old Key West Resort, Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa or The Villas at Wilderness Lodge.

If you enjoy the great outdoors and are more adventurous, then Walt Disney World Fort Wilderness cabins and campsites are just meant for you. The Fort Wilderness campground is home to one of Disney's most popular dinner shows, the Hoop Dee Do Revue. Guests staying in Fort Wilderness can go for nature hike, horse riding, swim, and enjoy boating on Bay Lake.

So there will be shortage of accommodation to cater to your taste and budget when you visit Disney World.

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The "Dream Match" Won at 8th Round by Manny Paquiao

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I slept late last night as I watched reviews about Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Paquiao on TV. I too was so excited to watch the dream fight that I couldn't get to sleep. Past 1:30am and my eyes became sleepy. Well, I had to retire for a few hours and give my exhausted body some rest.
Since I slept late last night, I woke up late too. Thanks to my aunt who came to my room and woke me up. Had breakfast at 10:00am then joined my uncle who was watching the earlier fights. It seemed like forever waiting for the dream match.

After more than two hours of waiting, finally it came and honestly I was nervous at the start. Oscar had so much advantage of Manny. His reach is longer, his body is bigger, he's taller and he's a more experienced fighter than Manny. Round 1 came and to my surprise, Oscar didn't have the agressiveness that I was expecting of him. I knew people were expecting a more aggressive and faster fighter than what they saw in rounds 1 and 2. Well, basing on his earlier statements about the fight and that how he would make Manny feel what true pain really is in the ring. Round 3 and again, Manny dominated the fight. Fast forward, round 8 finished and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Manny really was dominating the fight and De La Hoya was becoming his punching bag. I felt sorry for Oscar and I realized size and reach are not enough to win a fight. It's using the right strategy and techniques. Oscar's coach was telling him to pressure Manny but Oscar just couldn't get the right timing. Manny was so fast and De La Hoya was kind of confused with the punches. They were coming from different directions and Manny showed incredible speed. I thought Oscar could win in the later rounds as I was thinking he would surprise Manny and all of us. However, after the 8th round, the doctor advised to stop the fight as Oscar was not in great shape anymore. His left eye was swollen and he just can't return punches with Manny anymore. In the end, Oscar just had to surrended and Manny was declared the winner. Oscar told the interviewer that Manny deserved to get all the credit as he had fought a great fight. Manny told De La Hoya that he is still his idol. Oscar on the other hand told Manny that now, he is Oscar's idol. What a great victory for Manny and as a Filipina, I too am so proud of him.

Jinky, his wife, said that she was just relaxed as when she saw how Manny performed in the first and 2nd rounds, she knew Manny would win the fight.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Will Manny Paquiao Win His Fight this Dec. 6 Against Oscar de La Hoya ?

Well, it's a question most of us would want to answer with "yes". Manny Paquiao is the Filipinos' pride and as a Filipino myself, I want him to be victorious on this day. Many people has a great confidence on Paquiao being one of the best boxing fighters in this generation. Some people believe that he will win this fight because he is a few years younger than Oscar De La Hoya. They also say that Oscar is not as fast and strong anymore as compared to his younger years. However, some people also believe that Oscar will win this fight because of his longer reach and his height advantage. It's a series of questions we can't answer yet for now. Better watch out for their fight on December 6 and let us witness together the most awaited fight of the decade.

Jinky Paquiao, Manny's wife.

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Official Manny Paquiao Training Camp Video

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I Miss Writing in Daily Nuggets

I have been inactive here for a few months as I've concentrated with article writing in blogging communities. I enjoy writing there and I was aiming a target income last month in adsense so I tried to make as many articles as I can. I decided to make this blog active again. From this day on, I will be writing here often and I will tackle everything there is to write about that will be very much of help to the readers of this blog. Keep on reading and I'll try to post very informative articles as I can.

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How To Spot A Dangerous Poker Player

By : Alan England

Let’s examine what we think a dangerous player is to us. Players that we respect, fear, admire, and would like to imitate, all at the same time. Most of us have heard the old saying, "If you don't know who the fish is in the game after the first fifteen minutes, then it's you." Let us take this one step further, and look at it a bit differently. "If you don't know who the most dangerous player in your game is within the first fifteen minutes, then you don't belong in that game." This of course does not apply if you happen to be the most dangerous player in the game. Let us assume that you are not the most dangerous player in the game, and want to know who is. What traits would look for to find out? It is just as important to know the player that you should fear in a game, as it is to know which players you can intimidate, or out-play.


What would you consider the traits to look for to judge whether a player can be dangerous competition to you in (Hold'em, Stud, Omaha etc.) A player that you would consider "dangerous" in so far as deceitful play, changing gears, betting or raising strategy, that would cause you to play very carefully against him.

Opinion 1

I would consider a dangerous player one that I could rarely put on a hand. A player who appears to play a generally proper tight and aggressive game, but is still deceptive enough to surprise you repeatedly when they do show down a hand.

Opinion 2

There are two kinds of dangerous players. The first is dangerous because they are very stupid. The second is dangerous because they are very good. Some of the specific behaviors I look for to recognize dangerous players are,

(1) When the flop falls, they watch the players, not the cards.

2) They are capable of raising and releasing a hand in the same betting round.

(3) They never voluntarily show a hand.

(4) They induce bluffs on the river. This last one is the subtlest of the four and may be one of best indicators of a dangerous player.

Opinion 3

Some of the traits that I look for in someone that I consider dangerous:

1) They are aggressive

2) They consistently makes good decisions

3) They do not play many hands, but when they do, they win a very high percentage of them.

4) They allow nothing to adversely affect their game

Let me get slightly off-track for a second. This is not one of the signs of a dangerous player. Years ago one of the things that used to intimidate me, and make me think someone was a dangerous player, was when I was seated in a game in an unfamiliar card room. I would then notice that one or more of the players personally knew, and were friends with each other, and the dealer. I always suspected them of being good players because they knew everyone, and must be good because they played regularly. I figured that they knew how each other played, so they only had to concentrate in learning how I played. I, in turn had to watch how all of them played to pick up any information. This was a much more difficult task. It didn't take me long to see that I had did not have to fear players who were strangers to me, but were friends with the other people in the game, and even knew the dealer's grandmothers maiden name. I found that many of them still played worse poker than I could have ever imagined.

When I sit down in a game I never judge anyone by his or her appearance. I judge them by how well they play, after watching them in action. Some people think that just looking the part, will put fear into the hearts of the other players. Me, I watch the quiet ones, those who just sit back and take in all the action, I call these types "chameleons". It is the chameleon's that blend cleverly into the game background, that you have to worry about. They are not loudmouths, they do not brag, give lessons, or berate other players.

They just sit there and wait quietly to ambush you. I am also interested in a player who can raise pre-flop and then dump the hand after the flop, if bet into or raised. These players are not afraid to release what may have started out as a great hand, but went South on the flop or the turn. When I pick out a dangerous player at my table, I will be very selective what hands I play against him, especially if he is on a rush. I will fancy-dance around him with any hands that are not premium. When he bets, and I am holding hands that I might play against a weaker opponent, I usually throw them away. What it all boils down to is this, you want all the behaviours of a dangerous player. If you have these same qualities, you will be the dangerous player, and the person that everyone will have to worry about.

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What should I have to prevent hair loss ?

There are two nutrients that you have to make sure you have plenty of every day, if you want to minimize your hair loss. These nutrients are Vitamin A and the B vitamins. To digest and absorb these nutrients you cannot use antacids.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a key component to developing healthy cells, tissues in the body, and reducing hair loss. Additionally it works with silica and zinc to prevent drying and clogging of the sebaceous glands, the glands vital to producing sebum. Sebum is an important lubricant for the hair follicle.

Vitamin A deficiencies commonly cause thickening of the scalp, dry hair, and dandruff. Air pollution, smoking, extremely bright light, certain cholesterol-lowering drugs, laxatives, and aspirin are some known vitamin A inhibitors. Liver, fish oil, eggs, fortified milk, and red, yellow, and orange vegetables are good sources for vitamin A, as are some dark green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Be particularly careful if you take vitamin A supplements, as vitamin A is fat-soluble, allowing the body to store it and making it easy for the body to overdose on vitamin A. Vitamin A overdoses can cause excessively dry skin and inflamed hair follicles, and in some cases ironically can cause hair loss.

A safe dose of vitamin A is 10,000 IU or 25,000 IU. Most Vitamin supplements are sold in these quantities. Also take all supplements during meals unless you are working with a Nutritionist that recommends otherwise.


B-vitamins work interdependently and therefore all levels of B vitamins need to be sufficient in order to maintain proper health. Vitamins B-6, folic acid, biotin, and vitamin B-12 are all key components in maintaining healthy hemoglobin levels in the blood, which is the iron-containing portion of red-blood cells.

Hemoglobin's primary function is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body, so if these vitamins were deficient in your body, then hair and skin would suffer. Fortunately some of the tastiest foods contain these vitamins. Vitamin B-6 is found in protein rich foods, which is excellent because the body needs a sufficient amount of protein to maintain hair growth. Liver, chicken, fish, pork, kidney, and soybeans are good sources of B-6 and are relatively low in fat when they are not fried.

Folic acid is found in whole grains, cereals, nuts, green leafy vegetables, orange juice, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, and liver again. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and other dairy products meanwhile provide healthy amounts of B-12.

Biotin deficiencies are rare unless there is a severe case of malnutrition or a serious intestinal disorder, since a healthy gut produces biotin through good bacteria found there.

There is one more important fact in making sure you are absorbing the B-vitamins. If you have heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD and are taking any antacids or drugs to reduce your stomach acid, you will reduce your ability to digest and absorb B-vitamins. Antacids make your stomach acid more alkaline, which does not support the digestion and adsorption of the B-vitamins.

If you are taking over the counter antacids, you decrease your ability to use the B-vitamins that you eat or take as supplements.

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How Social Bookmarking can Help You Succeed on IT Selling

When an online user surfs the internet and finds useful information that he likes to save for further reading, he usually uses the saving feature of his desktop by pressing Ctrl + D. Nothing complicated about that however when he uses another computer and wants to access his bookmarked pages that’s when trouble begins.

What does one benefit from social bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking has evolved from the difficulty most online users have experienced with desktop bookmarking when they tried accessing their bookmarked pages from another PC. With social bookmarking, an online user’s saved-for-later information gathered from the internet is now accessible to him on any PC. The system of social bookmarking also makes it possible for other users on the internet to access the stored information for their personal use, or share the link with others, unless the owner of the bookmarked information wants it private. Online users can also post comments and share their views with other online users about the topic of the bookmarked page or link.

This mode of interaction among a vast number of people makes social bookmarking an effective traffic generator and page ranking tool.

How does social bookmarking add value to your online business?

Bookmarking pages of your website or links to your products or services on the databases of social bookmarking sites makes people find them, and if the information proves useful to a lot of those who read your bookmarked page or followed your stored link, it will be voted on favorably above other bookmarked pages and links. When located on top of the list, your page or link gets more exposure, and consequently, more traffic. This makes social bookmarking a powerful marketing tool.

How does it work?

On most websites you will find image shortcuts to various social bookmarking sites, such as, Technorati and Propeller to name a few. Webmasters do this in the hope of getting their website’s pages bookmarked easily on social bookmarking sites by online users who happen to find them. When links to social bookmarks are displayed on a website, it provides convenience for online users to bookmark any page they want viewed another time.

Where does powerful marketing come in?

When you list your website’s pages or your blog to the most popular social bookmarking sites, you maximize the chance for your website or blog to be seen on the internet. Search for a category relevant to your product or service and list your website in the niche section of this category and see what happens. As exposure is guaranteed, large-scale traffic is possible when you deliver information on your web page that most people in your niche market would find useful.

Social Bookmarking is one of the more effective strategies a successful online marketer uses to generate links to a particular website. It is so simple; find out which among social bookmarking sites have become favorite online hubs of most users, sign up to be listed and bookmark your website for the world to see.

Try it!

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Brian Giese is President and CEO of IT an authority- site for “seamless, integrated sales campaign” for both industry leaders and start-ups. He is also best-selling author at with his book “I.T. Sales Boot Camp” (Adams Media Corporation; ISBN: 158062538X -2002), a “must-read” among IT sales professionals and organizations around the world.

Brian is also an accomplished motivational speaker and sales trainer to a growing list of clientele, with his highly-effective sales trainings and seminars, most-sought after in more than 30 countries.

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Best Travel Tips for a Fabulous Vacation

By: Sunne

Traveling is such a great experience that we thought we could do this all the time. Unfortunately, we get very less time to travel in this fast & furious world. Mostly of us only get a couple weeks a year (if we’re lucky) to take our vacations.

Make ensure that those trips are the extremely best which are having some kind of humor in that(unlike the many travel movies where there are nightmares around every corner), we are providing our top 10 travel tips to make your vacations unforgettable – in a superior way of course.

Top 10 Travel Tips

1. Plan early & book when a best deal fits your budget. Companies pop up everyday for more and more travel. Why? Because as the baby boomer age group gets grown-up & once they boot their kids out of the house, they are traveling more and more. Best deals are easy to get and many sound companies that offer great & economical rates and fares.

2. Be familiar about your destination and the best times to travel. Remember when Angelina Jolie takes the whole family to cross-country only to find out favorite Fun Park, which is closed? Do not let that happen to you. Know what is going on and when the best times to travel are. For example, most people know that March and April tend to be spring break times. Well, if you take your little ones to Panama City Florida during these months, chances for you to go to run into wild.

3. Take care of your belongings. Making sure the family pet is also taken care off.

4. Budget wisely. Make sure that if the worst happened you still have resources to fall back on. If you are on a budget, be smart & enjoy doing things on a trip.

5. Don’t forget your key documents. There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting something when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away from home.

6. Again, pick up your area of choice to determine how close you are to different activities and restaurants. Its nothing like landing a great deal on a hotel which near by beach, market & restaurant for a fabulous vacation. For example, a hotel that is so far away from the beach you need to catch a train or rented car just to get there. In addition, you want to make sure that everyone traveling with you will have fun! Again, in Las Vegas Vacation when the kids are too young to gamble, they have to come up with creative ways to have a good time.

7. Sign up for online magazine & newspapers keep your ear to the ground about your destination of choice.

8. Plan it properly it can really bite you in the behind on certain things like rentals and such.

9. Make a checklist and to be sure, that everything is in order before and during the trip. From booking to packing to check in relaxation, do not fail to remember anything.

10.. Having a great fun and enjoy No matter what type of vacation you are going on.

These are our Top 10 Best Travel Tips and we live by them each time we take a vacation. Hope you will too as we know your trip will be much more enjoyable.

If you want your Trip in a Budget, I promise that if your try it out you will be pleased. Besides, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it but you will miss some great airline deals if you do not try it. I suggest you for best travel website as I found while searching on Google. These are,,,, for Last minute cheap airline tickets.

Happy Traveling

Sunny Khurana having experience of more than twenty five years in travel inudstry. He is very interested in searching and negotiating for the best value available for travelers. He has traveled extnesively around globe. He has successful relationship with all major travel vendors and suppliers. He is well qualified in travel management,rich knowledge of world's tourist place. A successful businessman as well author of Tours and Travels.

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Self-Storage Facility Tips

by: MilfordStorage


The first thing you need to consider is which self-storage facility to use. Visit a few local self-storage facilities before you make a decision. It's always best to remember that you're planning on storing your own items in the facility and you want it to remain in the condition you left it in. By the time you make your choice you should be confident of the following:

The self-storage facility has adequate security measures.

You can access your self-storage unit when you want to.

The units offered in the self-storage facility are the right size for you

You could cope with any future needs you might have to increase or decrease the space you rent.

The self-storage facility offers units that will suit the goods you want to store - for example, if you're storing valuable items you want an enclosed unit with concealing walls so that nobody can see what's inside.

The climate control in the self-storage facility is adequate for your needs - particularly important if you're looking to store upholstered items, business goods or archive documents

The storage units are tidy and well-maintained - professional self-storage facilities are well kept and clean.

Pest control shouldn't be an issue - the self-storage facility should be able to tell you what types of measures they take.

The small print of the contract for the self-storage facility has no hidden surprises.

If you're planning on storing a large amount, check that the self-storage facility has adequate access for the removal vehicle you've chosen. Many self-storage sites don't have the space or access for large removal trucks.


Unless you plan on paying the storage unit to pack for you, you’ll have to box things up yourself. Before you begin, you'll need to put some thought into the packing process. After all, one of the primary advantages of using a self-storage facility is the fact that you can continue to access your items even in storage.

The first thing to remember is to pack in such a way that you can find things at a later date quickly and without unloading absolutely everything you've put away. Make an inventory of what you've packed and where it is as you go along. Other packing and storage preparation tips include:

Make an estimate of the replacement value of each item you store to help with accurate insurance policies and in case of unforeseen damage in the self-storage facility.

Invest in quality, sturdy boxes and packing materials. If you buy boxes of similar sizes it'll be easier to stack them securely in the self-storage facility and will save you space.

Box everything that you can. Everything that is left unboxed in a self-storage facility will get dusty and potentially dirty.

Fill boxes to capacity wherever possible to avoid breakages but don’t make them too heavy - remember you'll have to be able to lift them. You can use materials such as paper or towels special packing materials to fill spaces if necessary. Depending on the space you opt to rent from your self-storage facility, you might be stacking boxes on top of each other and the lower levels need to be sturdy enough to take the strain. Boxes that are only partly filled may tip over or collapse.

Label all boxes clearly so you can identify the contents and keep an inventory. Label them on more than one side so you can see what's what quickly. Mark 'Fragile' on any boxes containing breakable items.

Don't be tempted to fill large boxes with heavy items such as books as they'll quickly become impossible to carry and may break. You can buy small book boxes from your self-storage facility that will do the job just as well. If you do pack heavy items in a large box put in just a few and then fill the box up with lighter items or filler.

Don't pack items into sealed plastic bags, since humidity can cause mildew. Don't store wet items in a self-storage facility as they can cause water damage, mold and mildew.

Large appliances need care before placing in a self-storage facility. Make sure you defrost fridges and freezers thoroughly before storing them, to avoid water damage. Tie doors up for the move, but leave them slightly ajar once in storage to stop condensation forming and help ward off bad odors. Drain washing machines before storing them and tie down hoses etc. Appliances should be clean and dry and it'll be worthwhile to wipe the insides with bicarbonate of soda before storing.

Wrap all fragile items and breakables such as dishes, glasses, and ornaments separately. Paper will do but bubble wrap is a good investment. Pack them tightly into strong boxes, filling any gaps with paper or filler. Try to avoid putting heavy items on top of fragile ones in a self-storage facility.

If you're going to be storing clothes think about buying wardrobe or clothes boxes so you can simply hang the clothes in them and they'll keep their shape. It's not wise to simply put your clothes in bin liners in a self-storage facility as moisture can get trapped inside when they're sealed and your clothes could be ruined.

For the best protection for mirrors and pictures in a self-storage facility, wrap them in a protective covering such as bubble wrap and stack them on their ends. Mirrors and pictures should never be stored flat. Mark them as 'Fragile'.

Separate lamp bases and lampshades and wrap them for protection.

If you're storing upholstered products such as mattresses and sofas in a self-storage facility it might be a good idea to invest in covers, bags or sheeting to give them some additional protection. Stand sofas and mattresses on end wherever possible to save space and don't stack too much on top of soft furnishings. Mattresses are best stored on the long end and should be ideally raised above floor level or laid on protective sheeting.

If you're storing a few items of furniture on top of each other a simple dust sheet or cover placed between items will minimize scratching and damage.

You'll save space if you can dismantle furniture such as beds and tables before you store them. Wrap and cover furniture sections and keep them together, clearly marked, for quick retrieval. You can put components such as screws and bolts together in a plastic bag, mark them clearly and tape to the relevant piece of furniture. Store large pieces of furniture vertically to save space.

Chairs can be stacked seat to seat to save space. Cover chair legs with protective wrapping for extra protection.

Spray your wood furniture with a quality furniture spray before storing it to give it some added protection.

Electrical equipment such as TVs, stereos and computers should be packed in their original boxes if possible. If this isn't possible, pack them into boxes that are the right size making sure that you pack gaps with paper etc. Make sure you tie down the player arm of a record player and secure your turntable.

If you're storing items with fuel tanks such as lawn mowers and cars etc in a facility, expect to drain the tanks before you put them in storage. Fuel is one of the few things that you CANNOT store in a self-storage facility.

Wipe down metal objects and tools with a little oil before storing to avoid rust formation.

You can tie tools and long-handled items in bundles. Don't store a brush resting on the bristles.

Don't store vacuum cleaners with the bag, throw it away before you store them.
Treat leather items with a leather conditioner before you store them.

Think hard about whether you really want to store photographs in a self-storage facility. If you do store loose photographs, place them between pieces of clean cardboard and tape them together to avoid curling. Photographs will suffer temperature damage and, if the facility you have chosen is not climate controlled, you might want to keep them out of storage to avoid losing them.

Think creatively and you'll make more space. Plan to use furniture drawers as an extra box (they are especially good for fragile items) and you can use the inside of wardrobes to store boxes. Kitchen appliances such as stoves and fridges can also be used in this way.
Seal all your boxes with packing tape before you put them in a self-storage facility - this will help keep dust out of the contents.


It’s worthwhile to take some time to plan exactly how to pack your items into the unit. Unit sizes are determined by price so you can save money by assessing what you have to store and planning to pack it in efficiently - a smaller and well-packed unit will be cheaper than a larger one that is badly organized.

There are two key things to remember when organizing your self-storage unit. Firstly, you need to make sure that you can easily access the items you've stored in the facility when you want them. Secondly, you must take care of your things when storing - these are your belongings and there are measures you can take, apart from careful packing, that will help protect them during their time in storage.

If you're worried that the floor space in the facility is not clean enough and might cause damage to your items, put down protective sheeting or boards.

If you're storing heavy items or boxes check with the facility to see if they have trolleys or other machinery you can use. Some self-storage companies will offer these free of charge.

In all but the smallest units, try to create an aisle and leave enough room to be able to get around the back.

Store your largest items first. If you're stacking your unit high with boxes, always make sure to put the heaviest boxes at the bottom to avoid damage.

Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space.

Try not to lean furniture against outside walls. If you're storing metal objects avoid resting them against items susceptible to damage.

Try to assess what you'll need to access frequently and keep it at the front of your unit.

Fill anything that's hollow - i.e. wardrobes, drawers, washing machines and fridges with small boxes and other items to maximize your available space.

Make sure to stack boxes and containers so you can see the labels you put on them.

Wedge the doors of all kitchen appliances whilst in the facility open to avoid bad odors and mildew etc., building up.

Don't store anything in the facility you're not sure is sturdy vertically; if it seems wobbly store it horizontally.

If you're worried about the atmosphere/environment in the unit put down moisture absorbers, deodorizers and vermin bait.

About the Author
Pamela Smith is a manager for Milford Storage, a public storage facility located in Milford, OH.

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Put More $$$$ In Your Pocket

by: Pancho Villa

In today’s economy every penny counts. Many of us are wondering how we are going to make ends when prices are going up and our pay remains flat. Well here are a few tips that can put an extra paycheck in your pocket every month.

* Budget your cash expenses for the week and when you are out of cash - stop spending for the rest of the week

* Eat a big breakfast and take a lite lunch to work. Fast food is unhealthy and costly.

* Rent movies instead of going to the theater. Invite friends over enjoy a fun filled inexpensive evening.

* Carpool at every opportunity, work, school, shopping, medical appointments etc.

* Use public transportation whenever possible.

* Buy a used car. Many car lots have used cars that are only a year or two old and have very low mileage.

* Skip the morning or evening stop at Starbucks. If you need coffee in the morning take it with you from home.

* Stop all costly habits such as smoking, buying snacks at gas stops etc.

* Shop with a list only. Never shop with out knowing what it is exactly you are going to buy. Buy it and STOP.

* Keep your car tuned and don’t carry any extra weight. This will get you the most mileage per gallon of gas.

* When eating out bring home leftovers. Some restaurants serve enough for two meals on one plate.

* Each thing you buy should be preceded by thinking to yourself “Do I really need this, or can it wait.

* If you have small children try to leave them with someone while you shop. This alone can save you a fortune.

* LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARDS AT HOME. It does not make sense to be paying interest on something you ate months ago.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

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Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary. Work with nature - plant a tree for more oxygen and less pollution.

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Child Support

by: Pancho Villa

Just the mention of child support conjures up images of lawyers, judges, and endless legal expenses. Nevertheless, of all the considerations in a divorce none equals the importance of determining the correct amount of child support.

Some divorcing couples come to an agreement on child support. It is always best to seek legal advice from an attorney before entering into such an arrangement. For those that do not agree, a court must determine the amount to be paid. Most jurisdictions have a formula that the court applies. Some Judges consider one third of the paying parent’s gross income plus an additional $150.00 to $200.00 for each additional child per month as a minimum.

The amount to be paid is not clearly stated in child support laws. The law simply states the child must be maintained in the style to which it is accustomed. It is this vague pronouncement in the law that leaves parents and some Judges pondering the amount of child support to award.

Once the amount of child support has been determined, by agreement or court order, there arises the question of collection and enforcement. Many resources exist to facilitate the collection of child support. The parents may agree between themselves and have the non-custodial parent authorize a bank transfer once a month. Alternatively, the child support-paying parent may send the payments by other means. The court may order the paying parent to send the payments to the court and the court will forward the payments to the custodial parent. Some states require that payments be sent to the Child Support Enforcement Agency for that state if the custodial parent is receiving public assistance.

If the child support agreement is in default, the custodial parent may attempt collection by several processes. The first is to speak with the parent in default. If this does not resolve the problem then the next step would be to retain a professional (i.e. lawyer, child support enforcement agency, etc.).

Most states have authorized the State Attorney General to enforce child support payments. The Child Support Enforcement Division of the State Attorney General’s Office has numerous tools at its disposal to encourage compliance with child support orders.

The office of the Attorney General may bring a civil suite in state court for the collection of child support owed. The Attorney General’s office has the power to suspend any license issued by the state to the parent in default, including driver’s licenses. In extreme cases, the Attorney General may move the court proceedings from civil to criminal court. The non-complying parent runs the risk of being charged with “Criminal Non-Support”. In most states, this charge is a felony punishable with jail time in the state penitentiary.

Many people think of child support as punishment for the non-custodial parent. This is far, far from the truth. Firstly, child support is meant to provide a certain measure of food, clothing and shelter for the child. Secondly, child support is intended to keep children off public assistance and thereby easing the burden on taxpayers.

The parent receiving the child support payments is, by definition, in a fiduciary position. Great care must be exercised to ensure that the funds are expended only for the benefit of the beneficiary.

At the minimum, a custodial parent seeking child support should consult with an attorney. At the first consultation, the parent should bring the following:

* Birth record of the child(ren)
* Prima fascia evidence of paternity (marriage document or birth record)
* Name and current address of absent parent
* Current place of employment of absent parent
* Social Security Number of absent parent
* A DNA test should be requested if the child was born out of wedlock

Every child deserves a loving caring family. Sometimes that is not possible. At the least, the child should have a safe, warm place to sleep and healthy nutritious food. To this end child support exists.
About the Author

Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary. Work with nature - plant a tree for more oxygen and less pollution.

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