Saturday, May 17, 2008

Put More $$$$ In Your Pocket

by: Pancho Villa

In today’s economy every penny counts. Many of us are wondering how we are going to make ends when prices are going up and our pay remains flat. Well here are a few tips that can put an extra paycheck in your pocket every month.

* Budget your cash expenses for the week and when you are out of cash - stop spending for the rest of the week

* Eat a big breakfast and take a lite lunch to work. Fast food is unhealthy and costly.

* Rent movies instead of going to the theater. Invite friends over enjoy a fun filled inexpensive evening.

* Carpool at every opportunity, work, school, shopping, medical appointments etc.

* Use public transportation whenever possible.

* Buy a used car. Many car lots have used cars that are only a year or two old and have very low mileage.

* Skip the morning or evening stop at Starbucks. If you need coffee in the morning take it with you from home.

* Stop all costly habits such as smoking, buying snacks at gas stops etc.

* Shop with a list only. Never shop with out knowing what it is exactly you are going to buy. Buy it and STOP.

* Keep your car tuned and don’t carry any extra weight. This will get you the most mileage per gallon of gas.

* When eating out bring home leftovers. Some restaurants serve enough for two meals on one plate.

* Each thing you buy should be preceded by thinking to yourself “Do I really need this, or can it wait.

* If you have small children try to leave them with someone while you shop. This alone can save you a fortune.

* LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARDS AT HOME. It does not make sense to be paying interest on something you ate months ago.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

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Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary. Work with nature - plant a tree for more oxygen and less pollution.

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