Sunday, December 7, 2008

The "Dream Match" Won at 8th Round by Manny Paquiao

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I slept late last night as I watched reviews about Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Paquiao on TV. I too was so excited to watch the dream fight that I couldn't get to sleep. Past 1:30am and my eyes became sleepy. Well, I had to retire for a few hours and give my exhausted body some rest.
Since I slept late last night, I woke up late too. Thanks to my aunt who came to my room and woke me up. Had breakfast at 10:00am then joined my uncle who was watching the earlier fights. It seemed like forever waiting for the dream match.

After more than two hours of waiting, finally it came and honestly I was nervous at the start. Oscar had so much advantage of Manny. His reach is longer, his body is bigger, he's taller and he's a more experienced fighter than Manny. Round 1 came and to my surprise, Oscar didn't have the agressiveness that I was expecting of him. I knew people were expecting a more aggressive and faster fighter than what they saw in rounds 1 and 2. Well, basing on his earlier statements about the fight and that how he would make Manny feel what true pain really is in the ring. Round 3 and again, Manny dominated the fight. Fast forward, round 8 finished and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Manny really was dominating the fight and De La Hoya was becoming his punching bag. I felt sorry for Oscar and I realized size and reach are not enough to win a fight. It's using the right strategy and techniques. Oscar's coach was telling him to pressure Manny but Oscar just couldn't get the right timing. Manny was so fast and De La Hoya was kind of confused with the punches. They were coming from different directions and Manny showed incredible speed. I thought Oscar could win in the later rounds as I was thinking he would surprise Manny and all of us. However, after the 8th round, the doctor advised to stop the fight as Oscar was not in great shape anymore. His left eye was swollen and he just can't return punches with Manny anymore. In the end, Oscar just had to surrended and Manny was declared the winner. Oscar told the interviewer that Manny deserved to get all the credit as he had fought a great fight. Manny told De La Hoya that he is still his idol. Oscar on the other hand told Manny that now, he is Oscar's idol. What a great victory for Manny and as a Filipina, I too am so proud of him.

Jinky, his wife, said that she was just relaxed as when she saw how Manny performed in the first and 2nd rounds, she knew Manny would win the fight.

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i didnt enjoy watching this fight. it was a mismatch.

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