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How Social Bookmarking can Help You Succeed on IT Selling

When an online user surfs the internet and finds useful information that he likes to save for further reading, he usually uses the saving feature of his desktop by pressing Ctrl + D. Nothing complicated about that however when he uses another computer and wants to access his bookmarked pages that’s when trouble begins.

What does one benefit from social bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking has evolved from the difficulty most online users have experienced with desktop bookmarking when they tried accessing their bookmarked pages from another PC. With social bookmarking, an online user’s saved-for-later information gathered from the internet is now accessible to him on any PC. The system of social bookmarking also makes it possible for other users on the internet to access the stored information for their personal use, or share the link with others, unless the owner of the bookmarked information wants it private. Online users can also post comments and share their views with other online users about the topic of the bookmarked page or link.

This mode of interaction among a vast number of people makes social bookmarking an effective traffic generator and page ranking tool.

How does social bookmarking add value to your online business?

Bookmarking pages of your website or links to your products or services on the databases of social bookmarking sites makes people find them, and if the information proves useful to a lot of those who read your bookmarked page or followed your stored link, it will be voted on favorably above other bookmarked pages and links. When located on top of the list, your page or link gets more exposure, and consequently, more traffic. This makes social bookmarking a powerful marketing tool.

How does it work?

On most websites you will find image shortcuts to various social bookmarking sites, such as, Technorati and Propeller to name a few. Webmasters do this in the hope of getting their website’s pages bookmarked easily on social bookmarking sites by online users who happen to find them. When links to social bookmarks are displayed on a website, it provides convenience for online users to bookmark any page they want viewed another time.

Where does powerful marketing come in?

When you list your website’s pages or your blog to the most popular social bookmarking sites, you maximize the chance for your website or blog to be seen on the internet. Search for a category relevant to your product or service and list your website in the niche section of this category and see what happens. As exposure is guaranteed, large-scale traffic is possible when you deliver information on your web page that most people in your niche market would find useful.

Social Bookmarking is one of the more effective strategies a successful online marketer uses to generate links to a particular website. It is so simple; find out which among social bookmarking sites have become favorite online hubs of most users, sign up to be listed and bookmark your website for the world to see.

Try it!

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