Thursday, December 4, 2008

Will Manny Paquiao Win His Fight this Dec. 6 Against Oscar de La Hoya ?

Well, it's a question most of us would want to answer with "yes". Manny Paquiao is the Filipinos' pride and as a Filipino myself, I want him to be victorious on this day. Many people has a great confidence on Paquiao being one of the best boxing fighters in this generation. Some people believe that he will win this fight because he is a few years younger than Oscar De La Hoya. They also say that Oscar is not as fast and strong anymore as compared to his younger years. However, some people also believe that Oscar will win this fight because of his longer reach and his height advantage. It's a series of questions we can't answer yet for now. Better watch out for their fight on December 6 and let us witness together the most awaited fight of the decade.

Jinky Paquiao, Manny's wife.

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Official Manny Paquiao Training Camp Video

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